How high can you get in this vertical adventure?

ᐯᒣᑕᐁᐧ Come and Play

Calgary AB, April 21st - Metawe is pleased to announce the release of our free to play mobile game Ready, Jump! Launching April 21st 2020 on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Ready, Jump! is an unlimited vertical adventure game in which players have to continuously jump on each platform making their way as high as possible. Dodging pushy chickens and navigating unique platforms, players will have to take care not to fall too far or they will have to start over. Players can record their high scores in three unique game modes, each designed to match their own unique play style.

"We wanted to create a simple concept that allows players to play the game as a quick distraction. Keeping it simple but uniquely challenging, we made it so levels self generate and are unique enough that they offer a different challenge each time. We worked with the wonderful team at Lanot Design to create a fun playful character that we could potentially build future games around."

Download Ready, Jump! April 21st 2020 on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

About Metawe

Metawe is a Calgary based independent video game company that strives to make games that tell rich stories and create unique adventures that keep our players coming back for more. Our ownership is proudly Métis and our name Metawe is derived from Cree, Pe metawe ᐯ  ᒣᑕᐁᐧ VC, meaning to "Come and Play".

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